A Cleaner Community

We can?t build a strong clean community on a weak foundation!
Over the past several years, oil companies have taken advantage of smaller, less resilient communities desperate for work. When large corporations purchase land intending to mine for oil or natural gas, the result is both a breakdown of community as well as a reliance on the oil company to maintain their own economy.

Rural communities are promised jobs that provide livable wages and an overall higher standard of living. However, this comes at the expense of the community member?s physical health. Uranium, thorium, radium and a whole host of other toxic and radioactive substances are often found at drilling sites and remain in the soil for an indefinite amount of time. (Environmental Protection Agency)

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If any one has reason to endorse hydraulic fracking and oil production close to their property, it ought to be the Chief Executive Officer of a major oil company.?A lawsuit, filed by a major oil company’s CEO, in opposition to hydraulic fracking?near his land implies that there are significant health risks associated. If the man whose job description includes “zealously advocating” the oil company they represent refuses to allow the process to go on in his neighborhood then why should we? (Industry Week)

To highlight another issue, states that have enjoyed temporary economic growth as a result of local drilling are left to clean up the mess once the large oil companies move on. The hope contained in an oil “boom” is soon replaced with a strain on public resources once the initial hysteria and frivolous drilling subside.(Governing.com)

Bio fuel has a proven potential to provide job security and cleaner communities? without the nosebleeds, skin and eye irritation, headaches, and asthma reported by many who neighbor oil production plants. Chemical run off and large scale pollution are not issues for bio fuels and setting fueling stations in place involves considerably less risk.

Image Source: Child247.com

Image Source: Child247.com

We are in a unique situation and have been presented with an opportunity to build our economy on the foundation of clean and renewable energy.

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  1. Bob Higgins says:

    Great article. Makes you think twice about the benefits of fracking for fossil fuels.

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