Best Energy Alternative

  • For Rural Economies and Jobs

    Energy crops and fuel processing will bring new jobs and prosperity to rural areas and reduced fuel costs from farms to cities ...

    Hemp as an energy crop for biofuels
  • For the Environment

    Clean to produce. Clean to burn. Safe for the environment. Major spill would bio-degrade in less than 2 weeks! ...

  • For Security

    Less dependance on foreign oil and the need to defend foreign shipping lanes and the advantage of decentralized refining...

  • For Your Fleet

    Upgrading to a greener corporate or municipal fleet? Our renewable fuels are cost effective, and cheaper and cleaner than CNG !...


Renewable Energy Solutions

Environmentally Sound Energy Alternatives

Our energy alternatives include renewable fuels that are economical and can be produced using existing technologies. They don’t require large amounts of water, won’t pollute water supplies and will quickly bio degrade in case of an accident or spill. In addition, they can easily be adapted to existing engines for transportation and gas turbines for generating electricity.

Conversion Process and Uses

Conversion Process and Uses

Fuels derived from biomass are the most economical and environmentally acceptable option available for solving current and future energy needs with the least impact on existing infrastructures. And by using the right mix of biomass plants, we can actually increase food supplies and make farming safer for local farmers.

Hemp as an energy crop for biofuelsThis solution will also bring prosperity to rural economies within the US and around the world and will eliminate the incentive to spoil indigenous land and cultures in order to extract energy resources. It will provide long term skilled and semi-skilled employment.

If you are looking to upgrade your fleet or to expedite compliance with a Renewable Portfolio Standard,? we can provide support and consulting for the full life-cycle including investment financing and ROI analysis, energy crop farming and harvesting, fuel conversion and distribution logistics, and vehicle and engine/turbine conversions.

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