Green methanol may be on the verge of a breakthrough

Biogas can be converted into the green fuel methanol using a new method capable of converting 95 per cent of the biogas without adding hydrogen, making green methanol much cheaper to produce than before. One of the promising alternatives to fossil fuels is methanol, which the global shipping and logistics company Maersk, among others, is Continue Reading…

Surprise, Surprise Indigenous Water Protectors Have Been Proven Right Again

“The latest spill is another tragic reminder of the costs of our reliance on fossil fuels. At every stage, from extraction, to transportation, to burning, fossil fuels put our environment and health at risk. Not only are they the driving force behind climate change, but when the pipelines spill — and they always spill — Continue Reading…

Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Must End

By Geoffrey Supran, Peter Erickson, Doug Koplow, Michael Lazarus, Peter Newell, Naomi Oreskes, Harro van Asselt on February 24, 2020 Scientific American

Despite claims to the contrary, eliminating them would have a significant effect in addressing the climate crisis

When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, ending $400 billion of annual subsidies to the fossil-fuel industry worldwide seems like a no-brainer. For the past decade, world leaders have been resolving and reaffirming the need to phase them out. All of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have committed to eliminating fossil-fuel subsidies, and the vast majority of the American public supports doing so. International financial institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have joined the chorus, pointing to the benefits of reform.

In 2018, however, a group of researchers questioned the magnitude of the climate benefits of subsidy reform, reporting that their simulations showed its effect would be “limited” and “small.”

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