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Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound, Alaska


Before the Valdez Oil Spill.

In case of a major spill, our bio based fuels would bio-degrade in under 2 weeks!


The Price of Oil – Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Once spilled, oil can never be cleaned up. Your choice of fuel matters!


Oil pollution is particularly hard on children

Oil pollution is particularly hard on children

Fracking Issues, Oil Spills and Transport Leaks




Oil Rig Pollution in the Arctic

Oil Rig Pollution in the Arctic

We don’t need this!

Our recommended renewable fuels are essentially created from sunshine, and therefore do not require extreme oil extraction techniques that pollute the land and ocean and spoil productive fishing areas.

Compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles, pollution emissions are reduced by 80-90%, and are also significantly less than burning natural gas.

Our fuels if used in electric power plants will be way cleaner than coal, and significantly cleaner than natural gas.

The production process is highly efficient and the resulting biochar can be put back into the land as a soil enhancer similar to how the Inca’s and other pre-Colombian Amazonians increased their fertility.

Biochar is interesting because it has been demonstrated to improve soil quality and crop growth, while sequestering carbon in soil and providing other environmental benefits.

So from an environmental point of view and based on the pollution and the effects of spills, bio-methanol and bio-dimethyl ether are clearly a great choice.