Rural Economies and Jobs


Energy crops and conversion to bio-fuels will greatly improve the economies and bring jobs to rural areas.

Plus the addition of renewable fuel supplies will lower fuel costs and will bring prosperity and cleaner air to urban and suburban communities.

In fact, compared to other extreme oil extraction processing, our recommendation for renewable fuel development offers better employment and job opportunities for rural areas. Based on our development model, farmers would reap the benefit of growing energy crops plus, similar to payments of natural gas royalties, they would receive a portion of the profits from the conversion and sale of the renewable fuels.

All without compromising water supplies, air quality, and the health of children and future generations. And the resulting fuels are cleaner and safer than any of the fossil fuels, and in fact will result in a net zero CO2 footprint.

We can bring Prosperity without Pollution to your community.

Contact us to find out how to profitably grow our energy crops and to significantly improve your rural economy and increase local job opportunities.