About Us

Conversion Process and Uses

Conversion Process and Uses

Concord Minuteman Solutions Group Inc is a veteran owned consulting company facilitating the transition to renewable and environmentally sound energy alternatives that can be produced and implemented using existing technologies.

Our solutions bring prosperity to rural communities both within the US and around the world. They also provide long term skilled and semi-skilled employment.

We provide support and consulting for the full life-cycle including investment financing, ROI analysis, energy crop farming and harvesting, fuel conversion, distribution logistics, vehicle and turbine conversions.

We are committed to cost effective solutions and a clean and healthy environment.

A portion of our profits are contributed to the following groups and organizations1:

  1. Cancer Prevention Coalition
  2. Food and Water Watch
  3. Friends of the Earth
  4. Fuel Freedom
  5. Grand Teton National Park Foundation
  6. Natural Resources Defense Council
  7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
  8. Operation Homefront
  9. Population Connection
  10. The Wilderness Society
  11. Union of Concerned Scientists
  12. World Indigenous Network

Contact Us?today if you would like to find out more about us and what we can do to solve your clean energy and fuel needs..

If you are interested in opportunities within our organization, please see our Join Our Team page (we give priority to veterans).

1?Does not imply endorsement by these organizations