National Security

By having more fuel alternatives available, there will be less need to defend foreign shipping lanes and foreign production sites. We need to end risking soldier’s lives for our energy needs. Conversion to renewable fuels will also limit our funding of foreign countries who may not be aligned with our outlook and may pose potential threats.

In addition, we risk the disruption of the supply of fuels we need to power our military. The military has acknowledged this and is currently addressing it. As an example, the Navy’s Great Green Fleet has been testing Biofuels for years. Naval Secretary Ray Mabus observed the huge incremental fuel costs associated with rising energy prices.

?We simply have to figure out a way to get American made homegrown fuel that is stable in price, that is competitive with oil that we can use to compete with oil. If we don?t we?re still too vulnerable.?

A move to renewable bio-fuels like bio-methanol and bio-DME would go a long way in meeting this objective.

oilmap4 Scaled

In addition to foreign supply lines, we are also vulnerable because of the concentration and limited number of refineries. ?A disruption in a single refinery can cause a spike in fuel prices.

Bio fuel conversion plants will be numerous and will be located near where the energy crops are grown. So a disruption at any of these sites will not have a significant impact on prices.

And they can be produced in North America or anywhere in the world.