Prosperity Without Pollution

It is possible to have energy that is affordable and does not degrade our environment, risk the health of our children or threaten future generations.

We do not need to pollute our air, water, soil and fertile fishing grounds to have affordable and abundant energy. People do not need to risk their lives underground or on oil platforms in cold and stormy seas.

Fossil fuel energy companies tell us that all forms of energy entail some risks and that they are working to minimize these. But in fact, different forms of energy have HUGE differences in their risk factors especially when looking at the full “well to wheel” cycle. Fossil fuel extraction involves significantly more risk when using extreme oil extraction techniques like fracking, ocean and arctic deep sea drilling and open pit tar sand extraction.

Not only is the extraction risky, but the refining and burning of these fuels is also highly polluting.  Look at the  Top 10 Toxic Ingredients Used In The Fossil Fuel Industries.

These include, among others:

Sign on Pipeline Pipe

Sign on Pipeline Pipe






  • Benzine which is linked to leukemia and breast cancer
  • Petroleum coke being exported to China which when burned emit more CO2 than coal
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) which are known human carcinogens and genetic mutagens
  • Mercury – a dangerous neurotoxin
  • Silicon Dust/Fracking Sand – a known carcinogen and cause of silicosis
  • Radon – radioactive gas which causes lung cancer. Fracking is a new source, releasing it into the air and groundwater and as an additional pollutant in the extracted natural gas.

In addition, you have the problem of green house gases. And all the new fossil fuel based alternatives are worse than conventional oil extraction!

Here’s a comparison of the current fossil fuel alternatives

GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS (avg grams of carbon equivalent per megajoule) Mother Jones "Bottom of the Barrel" May-June 2008

GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS (avg grams of carbon equivalent per megajoule) Mother Jones “Bottom of the Barrel” May-June 2008

None of these address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, and in fact some aggravate the impact because of additional methane escaping as part of the extraction process. Even without the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, none of these fossil fuel alternatives address the major problem of the other toxic pollutants and clean up issues.

Kalamazoo River Oil Spill

Witness the Exxon Valdez in Prince Williams Sound Alaska, Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Mayflower Arkansas oil spill, Talmadge Creek / Kalamzoo River oil spill in Michigan – Still impacted 5 years later!

But switching from fossil fuels can be economical, and will indeed enable prosperity without pollution.  Compared to fossil fuels, renewable energy and fuels are 90 to 100% less polluting to extract, produce and use.  And in the case of a major spill or accident, our recommended bio-fuels will bio-degrade in a few short weeks.

Here’s a comparison of fossil fuels and our recommended bio-methanol and bio-DME

Volvo Fuel Comparisons

As you can see, the difference in “well to wheel” pollution between fossil and renewable fuels is indeed HUGE.  And other countries and companies around the world are beginning to enjoy the resulting economic and environmental benefits of converting to cost effective renewable fuels. This includes Brazil, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Iceland, Germany and others.

Germany’s progress is particularly impressive under their Energiewende “Energy Change” initiative that has already resulted in up to 60% of their electric power being supplied from renewable sources (Check out Clean Break “The Story of Germany’s Energy Transformation). And in China, taxi fleets are running on methanol that is costing them 1/2 as much as gasoline.

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Pipeline Spills Put Safeguards Under Scrutiny  NY Times 09/10/2011

Since 1990, more than 110 million gallons of mostly crude and petroleum products have spilled from the nation’s mainland pipeline network.
0910-pipeline-spills with footnote scaled

Impact of Oil Spills

Oil spills are truly horrible yet unnecessary tragedies.
A spill of bio fuels would degrade in less than 2 weeks!

Oil spills in Nigeria from 2004, 2005 and 2007

Oil spills in Nigeria from 2004, 2005 and 2007

Arkansas Pipeline Leak

Arkansas Pipeline Leak




Oil spills don’t always get cleaned up and may persist for years.





Otterly Disgusting

Otterly Disgusting

Unfortunate Collateral Damage

Unfortunate Collateral Damage



Fracking Consequences


The Science of Fracking Shows a Serious Concern For Health

The Science of Fracking Shows a Serious Concern For Health

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Study links fracking to drinking water pollution (Grist)



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Dangerous levels of radiation from fracking found in PA water  (Salon)

Just a fracking well exploding into flames  (Grist)

Gas and oil companies typically outsource the disposal of the waste they generate. Many times the toxic waste is not disposed of properly. Tainted water has been dumped on roads or into caves that find their way back into water supplies. Radioactive filters have been dumped and left for others to deal with. And at some point, all of this will need to be dealt with.  The gas and oil companies were relieved of this responsibility because of the Halliburton loop hole that allows them to violate clean air and water laws. If they had to clean up these wastes, or pay for the care and medical attention needed by people and children affected by their pollution, they could not be profitable. So in the long run, it will be tax payers and people who live near fracking sites that will have to pay.

“Think About It”


A good energy policy results in affordable energy, clean water and clean air throughout the world