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Join the Revolution for Prosperity Without Pollution by converting your town, your state, your company or your country to use economically and environmentally sound fuel energy alternatives.

In the colonial days we fought the tyranny of a far away monarch. Today, we are facing the tyranny of limited competition for transportation fuels. This results in high prices, unstable supplies and environmental compromises. We can fight this by using alternatives that effectively compete.

Anne Korin, Gal Luft - 2009

2009 – Anne Korin, Gal Luft



In the early days, centuries ago, salt was a very precious and expensive commodity because it was the only way to preserve food for long journeys. Once refrigeration and other means of preserving came along, salt lost it’s high value.

You can do the same thing with oil by choosing to use alternatives to gasoline, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels.





2007 - Robert Zubrin -President of Pioneer Astronautics

2007 – Robert Zubrin -President of Pioneer Astronautics



“Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil”

Dr. Zubrin converted his own auto to methanol and tested the results using it versus gasoline. Methanol won. Every dollar of methanol carried him 18.5 miles compared to just 13.25 for gasoline.

You can convert your car, or convert your fleet and lead the way to break free from oil!





2012 - Klassy Evans, Adam Khan

2012 – Klassy Evans, Adam Khan



“How Fuel Competition … Could Change the World and How You Can Help Make it Happen”

Every time you fill up your tank, you are contributing to the $51,369,863 ?we’re sending overseas EVERY HOUR! ?This could be going into your communities!

Join the Revolution and make it happen!






school bus and Hummer

School Bus or Humvee, you can make them all?

Fossil Free!



The revolution has already started! It is going ahead fast and furious. ?And other countries and companies are currently enjoying the resulting economic benefits and opportunities.

  • Brazil converted to renewable fuels over 30 years ago and is now essentially oil independent
  • Sweden has a fleet of Volvo trucks that run on bio-DME
  • The Dutch are making bio-methanol from surplus glycerin from the manufacture of bio-diesel
  • China has taxi fleets running on methanol that cost 1/2 as much as gasoline
  • Iceland is making methanol out of it’s excess CO2 !
2012 Osha Davidson

2012 Osha Davidson





And Germany is moving forward with their Energiewende “Energy Change” initiative with a goal of being 100% renewable. ? Right now as much as 60% of their electric power is generated from renewables and they have beaten every one of their renewable goals, and may in fact reach it before the end of the decade!

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